Using the Guide

This guide is designed to provide a support to the visitor so that he knows the characteristics of the places to explore, but without losing the goal of being a practical and easy to read Tour Guide

For every monument and place of interest we specify:

We report on the features of the outside, the access in and the inside (in case of a monument or museum).

From here each one decides for himself the places to visit and explore.

To facilitate reading, we created 4 types of terrain ranging from Type 1, a more accessible terrain for people with low mobility, to Type 4, a less accessible terrain.

Type 1

Levelled path with lowered sidewalk

Type 2

Path with lowered sidewalk, but with uneven cobblestones

Type 3

Path without lowered sidewalks and with raised cobblestones

Type 4

Uneven unpaved path

To facilitate the reading, we only indicate the height of the steps when they are superior to 5.9 inches / 15 cm.

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